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Monday, March 1, 2010

Busy Busy Busy............

Busy Busy Busy.......

I have been making new stock for my Etsy shop
I spent most of the day sewing boxy project bags, then trying to photograph them, but I could not get pics of them all as it was getting too windy and the clouds were starting to roll in off the mountains so it was a losing battle really, I will try for more shots tomorrow. I really like these fabrics, most of them are Amy Butler prints, I love the bold zingy colours, they are so much nicer than any project bags I have seen in the shops here. I use them for all sorts of things and they do hold quite a bit. I still have some skeins of sock wool to photograph too but I never got the chance today with the weather - 2 semi solids, a crimson red and a very deep purple. I will show them off tomorrow.

I haven't done any knitting for 2 days now and my socks need finishing. I spent yesterday afternoon dyeing sock yarns. Would love to get the socks finished as I have signed up for a knit along starting on 20th March with the Color Swap Group on Ravelry and the theme is shawls. I think I'll knit another Aestlight but bigger than my blue one. I'm going to use the cherry alpaca yarn I received in the Amazing Lace Swap last week.

The problem is that the Stonington shawl keeps popping into my head and I have some ideal yarn (Utuna) to knit it with which I received in a swap last year. The stonington is a big project and I would never finish it this side of Christmas considering everything else I want to knit between now and then.

Tomorrow.......... I shall be concentrating on catching up with all my household chores, my hobby room and dye area need a good sort out/clean out but I had better not go in those places until I have finished all other tasks or I will get side tracked and nothing will get done lol!  I should really cook a nice meal for dinner.... I am still wanting to make Bienen Stich cakes, maybe tomorrow :-)


  1. Love your project bags!
    I also love your Almost Aubergine sock yarn colour. Please please please continue this shade - at least until I can afford some!!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. Almost Aubergine is one of my repeatable colours, I am planning on keeping these semi solids as regular always available colourways.