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Thursday, February 9, 2012

February already!

Again I have lots to say & show you. How the time flies by, I've been busy with other things and fail to find the time to blog as often as I would like. Christmas & New Year were here and gone in the blink of an eye and now it's February already.

Firstly I would like to introduce you to the two new additions to our family:

This is Caesar, he's 10 months old and is the cutest little boy. I love the colours on his body and his neck has the most lovely shades of grey. There is definitely a sock yarn colourway in him. I adore his fringe ~ it has perfect stripes of charcoal grey, chocolate and white and I dream of combing it. He's my little baby.

Here's Jupiter, he's 2 years old and is quite the bossy boots ~ but he looks after Caesar very well. I got them last month through a friend of a very thoughtful friend who was emigrating back to the U.K. They have both settled in nicely and are now eating out of our hands. Both are already halter trained and love to go for walks (if you can catch them first that is!) We can't believe how lucky we were to get them, they are lovely animals and have very fine fleece ~ I shall be looking forward to spinning their fibre into something special. I'm going on a course this weekend to learn all about alpaca husbandry.

On the crafting side of things ~ I'm so lucky to have such a thoughtful and clever  husband, he found this old battered skein holder at a flea market. I was a little horrified when I saw it, it was filthy and covered in dirt, cobwebs and dust and had seen much better days. The woman he bought it from was very surprised that he even knew what it was for lol.

Once he spent time on it and worked his magic it looked like new. All the wooden parts were sanded clean, the ties and copper wires holding it together were all replaced. It now looks like new and I'm so happy with it. It works brilliantly and has been used many times already. He knows what makes me happy!

I've been knitting quite a bit recently and have been trying to get my Ravelry projects up to date. I'm not quite there yet but hope to be soon. My Christmas present to myself this year was the Kate Davis Sheep Heid kit, I won't go into detail on how long it took to actually receive it after ordering it at the beginning of December ~ I shall just say it was a very very long time! I really enjoyed knitting the hat and I love the colours, and of course I love Shetland yarn. Kate is such a clever lady. The Rams and Yowes blanket is the next project on my list.
Last week I dyed up a sweaters worth of Bambaroo sock yarn in a silver grey & blue mix to knit Current. I like the little details on this cardigan, the pretty cable edging is lovely and is worked in with the cardigan body so no picking up stitches afterwards. 
I also have something on the spinning wheel ~ I dyed up a bulk lot of combed top for a stall I had at the Spinners & Weavers Guild agm a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't bear to part with this particular braid so I kept it, it's Shetland fibre dyed in a pale gold colourway, here it is all prepped into luscious clouds of fluff ~
and on the bobbin~
I love to spin Shetland fibre, I think it's my most favorite of all. I find it so easy to draft and to spin very fine singles with. BFL comes a close second in my book.