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Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday .....there's a Fleece

I haven't done any knitting over the past couple of weeks, none at all. My bit of spare time has been taken up with other things such as:

I'm supposed to be reducing/sorting out my fibre and yarn stash, but I succumbed last week and bought a part fleece. Only the teeny tiniest amount of just over 1 kg. I just could not resist it! It was a beautiful fine Romney, the raw locks measured 20 cm and it's the most beautiful brown/black colour. Soft and squishy.

The locks before washing, loving that crimp!

Here's the first batch of nests that I combed.

More combing, the lighter coloured fibre in front is also Romney. It's a fleece that I almost threw out, it came with the first spinning wheel I ever purchased 10 years ago and had been very tightly compacted into a cardboard box. In the end I picked out the best and threw the worst of it. It washed up quite well after 3 hot soaks ~ the fibre was very compacted and dirty. It's not as fine as the dark brown fleece and there's a lot more of it, but I think the 2 colours look lovely together, it's destined for a colour work project. The light isn't doing the dark brown justice on this photo.

Heres a small sample of the washed and dried locks that I spun up after combing them. The one on the left is a 2 ply yarn and the small skein on the right is a 3 ply (navajo) yarn. I like them both and I'm having a hard time deciding which one to go with.

Here's a peek at something else I've been working on recently ~ a crochet blanket using up scraps, odds and ends, and orphan balls of sock yarn. I'm using a 2.75 mm hook. The blanket is getting quite large and heavy now so I think I'm going to have to stop soon!

I finished the flax sweater for my Husband a few weeks ago, he's very happy with it and it's been worn many times already, it's very warm yet light and squishy:

I love the garter stitch bands on the shoulders/arms. If I were to knit this sweater again I would do short rows at the back of the neck to bring it up slightly, knitted as per pattern the back and front of the neckline is identical:

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