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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a busy month....

I cannot believe it's been so long since I posted here.... weeks have passed...I have had a rather busy but productive month.

Firstly projects, I've knitted many things recently and I'm trying to knit quick baby items in between my own projects. I have a friend in England who's baby is due in 6 weeks and another friend who has 4 1/2 months to go. I've also been dyeing whenever I can squeeze it in and working full time hours at the day job.

Here are a few recent finished projects:

Ishbel knitted for Clasheen in the recent Color Swap 7. She loved it. I dyed the yarn in her favorite colours.

A pair of Monkey socks for my Sister in Law's birthday next month
BSJ for my friend Amy's baby (a girl). I finished this a while ago but it's been sat waiting for its I-Cord edging adding. It's now finished and ready to mail to England.

Monkey Socks for myself, knitted in Hydrangea, this was the first ever sock yarn I dyed, it's much nicer in real life than it appears in the picture.

A Backyard Leaves scarf for myself, my first Dream In Color Classy- love the yarn.

A Gretel Hat for myself, again knitted in Dream In Color Classy. Love it.

I have started a new Ishbel in Sublime Sock Yarn (merino/silk) which I dyed in Oriental Red. I am thinking that I may end up sending it to my Mother In Law because I know she would really love it.

I dyed up some bulky weight skeins as an experiment in my shop, to see if they sell. I have had many conversations about this with my friends that also dye/sell and we all seem to think that DK, worsted, bulky etc doesn't/won't sell. I had a few skeins of DK weight and worsted in my shop, lovely colours but I only ever sold one of them. I didn't mind because I have knitted them up myself now. So I have 3 skeins to list, we shall see what happens.

On the baking front I made these:

Choux buns filled with chantilly cream and fudgy chocolate topping. Very naughty but nice, I made 16 of them. I ate one then made my Husband take the rest to work!


  1. Wow - you have been busy knitting. I must check out that Sublime sock yarn - their products are, well, sublime! Your baking always looks so tempting...

  2. The sublime sock yarn is the yarn I dye and sell in my Etsy shop, it isn't made by the Sublime Yarn company. This is a silk/merino 50-50 blend, I don't think I could ever use it for socks though, it needs to be around the neck lol!.