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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


After getting up at silly o clock with a migraine I took some pills and went back to bed to sleep it off. 3 hours later I was much better but was at a bit of a loose end - I didn't have any plans for today and was still feeling a little flat. A quick decision was made to bake some easy oatmeal and raisin cookies - my favorite flavour.  I got the recipe from David Lebovitz -
These cookies are just what I was after, chewy and soft with golden crisp edges and a hint of spicy cinnamon and nutmeg. Another plus is that they are man sized. They are the kind of cookie that you hope to find in your lunch box.

I have tried lots of different recipes for Oatmeal and Raisin cookies but have never found the recipe I have been looking for......... until now. I used quick oats although the recipe says not to - simply because I find the oats available here in New Zealand are very coarse and hard compared to the ones I would buy if I were in England or Europe. We never buy biscuits here because we find they are all very hard so homemade ones are a nice treat.

A new yarn in my shop today - Iris - inspired by my garden. I'm loving these Spring blooms!


  1. Jayne, I have an award for you on my blog :-)

  2. Migraines are the worst!!

    Cookie looks yummy!

    Yarn looks yummier ( I was confused a moment by the iris until I realized it was spring down there!)

    I came from Juleeque's blog.