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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Today was a gorgeous day, great weather, no agenda, just a nice Saturday.
I called at the local Farmers Market on my way into the city and bought one of these:
A Bienen Stich Cake (Bee Sting). I was really surprised to see them as I have not seen one of these since I lived in Germany, where they had a different topping of slivered almonds with a honey glaze on top. These were just as nice though and certainly a blast from the past. We used to buy these from the local German baker shop and you could get them as big as a dinner plate!

Something else I wanted to mention are Flatto peaches. I saw these for the first time this week, tried them and they are great, so easy to eat. I will be buying this variety from now on, they are a great shape for putting in lunch boxes.

I made some progress with my socks, I ended up ripping it out yesterday, when I tried it on it was way too big, so I started over with smaller needles:
I really like the pattern, it is so easy to memorise and I think it shows of the colour really well.
I only managed a little crafting time today, I got some more stitch markers made up and also got a lot of fabric ready for sewing, I will be making Boxy Project Bags tomorrow for my Etsy shop. I would love to fit in some dyeing time too if I can.

My Husband bought a car today, a Fiat Bambino, it needs a lot of work. It will be a nice project for Dad and Sons to do together. I am trying hard to imagine what it will be like when it has had a full restoration, but at the moment it looks like a heap of junk.

The picture above isn't the one we have bought, ours is a rusty red colour, lovely!

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