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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spinning + Eye Candy Friday ~

I've been spinning a lot this week, I even got my drum carder out and made batts.

I have a project I'm working on at the moment, involving dyeing and spinning a gradient yarn. I dyed 4 x 30g strips of BFL combed top in various shades of silver grey and blue.

Here they are after dyeing and being passed through the drum carder once.

I then split all the colours in half and carded each lot into 2 batts working from the lightest to the darkest shade.

I started spinning the first batt into singles, but as is often the case I got side tracked by this ~

A blend of 70% black alpaca from an alpaca that belongs to a friend, 15% polwarth dyed red and 15% silk. It's beautiful stuff. I just finished spinning it into superfine singles and have Navajo plied it for a 3 ply yarn. I've been aiming for a sport weight yarn as I'm wanting to knit this cowl. I got 18 WPI and 250 yds of yarn. It's so soft and silky and will keep my neck cosy warm this Winter.

A little eye candy while I get on with finishing my spinning ~

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