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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sock Yarn for Colour Work

Today was all about last minute preparations, getting my yarns labelled and packaged ready to mail to Belinda for the book launch. I found I had a little 'me time' early this morning so I played around with a new bambaroo yarn base, this colour is Poppy:

I dyed up some mini skeins for the SKA July challenge over on Ravelry which I will be taking part in, the MOCK is a colourwork sock by Chrissy Gardiner and it looks gorgeous from what I have seen so far. Here are the shades I dyed, all semi solids. These yarns were inspired by thoughts of Spring which feels a long way off. My main colour will be the clotted cream skein in the centre, the others are the  contrasts and I think they sit together really nicely:

So thats all for now folks, I am going to go and wind my yarns then cast on for my sock. I haven't knitted colourwork for eons, I remember when I was in my late teens knitting a sweater that was black, white and grey colourwork, very 1980's,  I am so excited about these socks!

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