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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Knitting Up The Stash...

Way back in January I decided to go on a yarn and fibre diet, my stash has got way out of control and is slowly taking over my house. So ~ no yarn purchases for me unless:
1. It's for a swap (is being sent away)
2. I need to purchase something to finish off something made from my stash yarn and fibre.

So far so good. I have started knitting these, all from the stash:

1. Cockatoo Brae

I knit the body parts of this on my knitting machine then picked up stitches and hand knit the ribs. I haven't seamed a sweater for years and quite enjoyed doing it the old fashioned way.
I'm still not 100% sure about the colours I chose for the patterned yoke, they are all oddments of Knit Picks Palette yarn. The main body yarn is a soft fingering weight Colourmart merino that I've had for years. Not far from the finish line with this knit.

2. Low Tide:

This yarn is merino/bamboo sock yarn I dyed in blues and greys a few years ago, it was always destined for another knit but I could never get the right gauge or a fabric I liked with it. Seems like this pattern and yarn were just meant to be together as I got gauge first try on the specified needles and love the knitted fabric!

3. A handmade gift for a swap I'm taking part in over on Ravelry. I can't say or show what it is just in case my swappee sees this but will post a photo after it has been received.

I also sorted out this yarn to knit a snowflake sweater for myself:

The grey is DK weight Gotland and the purple is sublime merino. Grey for the body and purple for the yoke. I'm looking forward to wearing these in the colder weather, and as today is officially the last day of Summer.......

I also finished off knitting my entry for the National Exhibition, it was a real labour of love. Here's a peek:


  1. I'm also on the yarn diet and have in fact been selling some of the stash as I was feeling overwhelmed. Your knitting seems to be going well, mine is going slowly due to other things I want to do as well.

    1. Well, my knitting started out well but other things have taken over this week and I'm no further along than I was when I posted this lol!