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Monday, January 5, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ The Fast Diet 5:2

After 2 weeks of festivities - which really means eating and drinking stuff that's not good for me, I've decided to start the 5:2 diet.

Earlier in the year I dieted and lost 1 stone in 4 weeks, that was through cutting out all wheat and sugar. I have kept that 1 stone off. I also increased my exercise and have kept that up but lately I have slipped back into the old convenient routine of eating bread and wheat products and sugary stuff all too regularly, which makes me feel really bloated and lethargic. So new year new me and all that.

The idea is that you eat 'normally' for 5 days and fast for 2 days. Fast as in you are still eating, but at a reduced calorific intake. You can increase the fasting days, which is what I plan to do for the first 4 weeks. I'm going to do alternate days.

Day 1 was yesterday. My first fast day and was much easier than I thought it would be. Plus side was that the weather was so hot and I really never feel like eating when it's hot. Here's what it went like:

2 x Nespresso coffee + 200ml skim milk = 90Kcal each
6 waferthin sesame crackers 39Kcal
1 hardboiled egg 69kcal
150g serve cooked peeled king prawns 108Kcal
large green salad & cherry tomatoes 20 Kcal
Low cal dressing 10 Kcal
1/2 mango 22Kcal
1 kiwi fruit 29Kcal
1.5 ltr iced water with a squeeze of lemon juice 0 Kcal
2 cups black tea 0Kcal

Total = 477 Kcal. 500 is my limit on fasting days. I did good.

Day 2 today so a 'normal' day. I aim to cut out wheat and sugar again and will still be watching those calories. So due to my change in circumstances sadly there will be no more baking posted on here for a while.

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