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Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm sorry about the delay in announcing the winner of the sock yarn, life has been far from quiet here over the past 2 weeks to say the least.  I have spent most of the time trying to get the house put back into some sort of order after the quake and on top of that feeling a little under the weather.

The true colour of the socks (although they do look a little darker in the pic than in real life):

The colour is Marmalade Semi Solid, one person got the color exactly right and the winner is...Sara!
I was surprised that you guessed so accurately Sara, well done.

I will be having a regular giveaway - the next one will run in October, I will post details here at the end of September.

We seem to have escaped the clutches of the severe storm that was forecast for the weekend although I believe parts of the North Island had it bad and the snow down in Southland looks quite heavy, very winter wonderland. I think we in Canterbury have had our fair share of the bad stuff. We are still getting aftershocks although they have decreased in number thank goodness.


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  1. I guessed - and thought what color of your colors might match carrot...And, I am THRILLED to have won the yarn!!!