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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have always loved colour and think I have a good eye for it. I can go out and randomly buy things for a specific colour scheme without taking along swatches, paint chips or pictures and from memory I know if it's right or not. 100% of the time I'm spot on.

Onto colour and yarn..... The main reason I started dyeing my own yarns was largely due to the lack of choice/availability here in New Zealand. It's hard enough finding a nice yarn base then when you do find one it doesn't come in the colour you are wanting or you cannot get the yarn weight you are after etc etc, which really surprised me because before we emigrated here I had visions of the country being a wool lovers/knitters paradise. I thought I would be in yarn paradise.
So on the internet you go to order something from overseas and most of the time I have been totally happy with my yarn purchases, but there has been the odd occasion when the colour I received only slightly resembles the colour that was seen on my monitor.

It's my birthday tomorrow and I received a gift from my dear friend Nichole in Nova Scotia. Now just look at the colours on this yarn she sent me, I am in love. I've had it by my side every day and keep giving it a pat and a squeeze:

I love these bold peacock blues and purples, it's the way they really stand out over the deeper earthy tones that appeals to me. The yarn is Trail Sock by Fleece Artist and I cannot wait to start knitting it up, however, I have to decide what I am going to use it for. As much as I want to make socks I don't want it to be hidden away in my shoes so it may become a shawlette of some kind. Hugs to you Nichole if you're reading this, it's beautiful and you could not have chosen better for me :-)

Another favorite yarn I've been dyeing is Precious Metal. I'm loving using the natural colour palette at the moment, maybe that's a seasonal thing? Every time I put a skein of this in the shop it runs right out the door, not that I'm complaining.

I dyed this same colourway onto a bamboo base yesterday, I will post a pic when it's dry to show how the colours differ due to the base yarn differences.

Another few busy days here, I've been dyeing new yarns for the book launch on Saturday at the Dux De Lux 12.30 - 2.30-ish.

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